Bully and His Wife

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This rock tableau shows a dour gross-consciousness bully and, behind him, his cowering wife protecting herself from his blows. It is one of many different tableaux on a hillside strew of rock I like to visit in Estes Park, CO.

Bully and His Wife

This bully tableau is a case where the stone world is seeking to remedy a situation by pinning a placeholder to the earth grid. Nature wants us to have to deal with the situation, because it won’t go away!

The bully and his wife are situated at the bottom of the hillside strew. They are isolated from the others. 

There are many different energetic scenarios anchored into this hillside rock strew. They represent the many ways earth energies can manifest.

I started my explorations of this group long years ago, with a visit to the group elder – Grandfather. He is the wise leader of the diverse group. (See below.)

Grandfather Rock

It took me some time to explore this outcropping because I found the energy repulsive and wasn’t keen to look. When I finally did, I saw such a complete scenario that it both impressed and intrigued me. 

The bully and his wife are both bird-like even while being very stolid. The bully has a hawk nose and a heavy wing. The wife has a bird-like face, with wings folded over herself, in protection. Her much smaller size and location indicate the energy of the situation. The bully has a very tiny little male part sticking out between his legs – an observation by the nature spirits of his lack of real masculinity. 

The nature spirits placed, on the bully’s left feminine side (the side facing us) a powerful motherly figure. This represents some of the underlying causes of the situation – an unhealthy relationship with the feminine.

This figure is a very strong motherly presence that (see front view below) has overwhelmed and pushed the male out of alignment. In the front view, you can see the left (feminine) side has dominated and stunted the right (masculine) side. 

Bully – Front View

Bully’s Wife

Bully’s Face





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