Tumultuous Feelings of First Love

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“Down here, come photograph my area,” a deva said from below me. I was at Clingman’s Dome, in the Smokey Mountains, photographing a cloud-covered sunset with a group of photographer friends.

The weather wasn’t great for spectacular sunsets…but just right for nature portrait studies. So I told the deva I would love to come visit.

The deva sent out a homing signal and I set out to locate the spot. For me this is like a magnetic pull I feel in my heart center. It is an energy beacon that I navigate towards, which often takes me through fields and woods to locate who is calling.

In this case I quietly left the group and headed right, along the cliff side wall, searching for a way down to where the homing signal was located.

I finally found a path. It was steep and long. I was tired after a long day photographing the beauties of the Smokey Mountains.

Stairs Below Clingman’s Dome

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said inwardly. “How far down?” I was thinking of turning back…

“Just to the turn in the path, we promise you, it will be worth the walk,” the deva coaxed me. She wanted very much for me to see her handicraft in that area. It must be very special as she is so insistent, I thought to myself. I started down.

Log Beast

Just before I entered the designated spot, a guardian spirit greeted me. He was living in an uprooted tree. His energy was a bit frightening at first, but that is what some guardian spirits like to project. I greeted him and asked permission to energetically see into his vortex area. He stepped aside energetically and I entered his world.

The energy changed as I passed through his gateway. It felt like a sacred and holy place. This meant that a significant story was crafted here. It was now up to me to see it.

The energy was strongest coming from the central point of the base of the natural cliff side, which was some hundred feet below the walkway where my friends were photographing.

I became still and shifted to a more respectful alert demeanor than the tired-photographer energy I had been experiencing. I listened and looked as the deva gently revealed a wide variety of stories that were naturally carved into the cliffs. Here is one of those stories.

Shy Heart

Shy Maiden

I saw a shy young maiden peaking out of the rocks. She is looking at a dashing debonair rock whose very large mouth indicates a being who enjoys sensual pleasures. The maiden is intrigued but scared at the same time. Pressing against the maiden is a very large angular heart. Her heart is just opening up to the emotions of sensual love, still raw and angular yet overwhelming her. She and her heart are a moon-blue while the suitor is sunlit brown.

The tableau is an exploration of blossoming womanhood. 

The deva explained that her area was a nodal point on one of the many earth grids that explore possible relationships between males and females. This grid was focused on stabilizing the tumultuous energies of innocent young girls in the throes of being attracted to charismatic and worldly older men.

Lower Guardian Clingman’s Dome

I walked down the path a little farther, to see what was happening at the other side of the energy circle, and found a large, austere guardian rock. Beyond him the path continued and was another nature spirit’s domain.

This small domain between the two guardians has a distinctly different energy and many other images carved by nature into the cliff walls.

I thanked the deva for sharing this story with me. I assured her I would respectfully include her story in my collection of interdimensional adventures. I said good-bye and headed back up the path to rejoin my human buddies.

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