Gossip in the Nature Beings Realms

by | Dark Forces & Grumpy Beings

The poisonous tongue is a reality in all worlds. It is the energy of a small-in-spirit being delighting in poisoning the clear truth-seeing ability of another person, often a leader.

Poisoned Tongue

A leader can be vulnerable if he/she has around them advisers who know  how to ingratiate themselves into the leader’s favor…and then seek to control the leader through insinuations about the motives of others.

This is not a benign situation, and many a kindly kingdom or company has been weakened or destroyed by the machinations of such a being. It is a theme in some of the great stories and plays of history.

Trees and Rocks Record This Problem

The Whisper

Here are two images – one in a tree and one in a rock – that show this type of behavior. Both have been created by the spirit inherent to the tree/rock to show the intensity of the situation…but also with a sense of humor.

The Whisper

The reasons why images like these occur are complex. Trees and rocks will often record the energy or incident around them that has intrigued them. They are sometimes nodal points on a grid that is working with a specific type of energy, and may manifest this energy in their own form. An external being who lives in the tree/rock may carve an image as their name plate. An interdimensional artist may utilize the tree/rock as a canvas for a work of art.

In these cases shown here the forms have been generated by the individual spirits of the trees/rocks. 

From Arizona to Illinois

The trees  above right live outside an office complex at the Morton Arboretum, Illinois and are recording an energetic situation going on inside – a warning to the boss, if that person would just “listen” to the trees.

The HooDoo rocks to the left are on a promontory surrounded by many other HooDoos who have recorded their own stories of various universal energies. The whisperers are a node on the complex grid of stone forms at the Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona

This is yet another example of the savvy awareness of some rocks and trees about universal emotions such as love, hate, fear and treachery. They must be able to explore these energies themselves, or they would not be able to portray them with such accuracy.

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