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Look at these two rock spirits! I find it remarkable how similar they are, even though one lives in the Sol Duc River in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State; and other lives at Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, Colorado! The same types of beings are connected to the same types of environments. And types of nature spirits are spread about the globe, just like humans!

Water Spirit of Olympic Peninsula

These are two angular rock beings who love being near water. The Washington State Rockman revealed himself to me slowly, as I was enjoying photographing a rock in an intimate woodland stream on a sunlit summer day. He was very gentle, dreamy and happy, and enjoying the warm sun. His energy was relaxed and comforting.

Water Spirit at Seven Falls

The Colorado Rockman was pointed out to me by the nature spirits themselves. I was walking down the path from above, on an overcast fall day at dusk, and frankly tired from climbing all over the tall, famous, tourist-crowded Broadmoor falls. I just wanted to get back to my car! I would have never seen this fine fellow except that the nature spirits insisted repeatedly that I stop, turn around, and look at what they wanted to show me. I was resisting and they were insisting – so when I turned around and was shocked into awe, I must admit they were a bit smug! This fine fellow looks like he is equally annoyed with all the tourists and can’t wait for them to disappear for the night!

Community Across Dimensions

It always amazes me how rich, complex, intelligent, full-spirited and ancient in knowledge the nature spirits are – at all levels from the devas to the guardians of place to the intelligence of every leaf in the woods. The nature spirits want humans to come back into community with them, as we once were. They are doing everything they can, through every avenue, to assure we humans are aware of their existence and their rights, responsibilities, and authority within nature.

They can very easily communicate with me if there is something they want accomplished, even when I am not in the mood to cooperate with them!

My nature spirit photography is a cooperative group project between myself and the nature spirits. It is a small but significant step forward for recognition of their existence.

I don’t know the name of this type of being but I do see the recognizable similarities between these two beings from different parts of the country. I also see their very different personalities! Just like us!

If you would like to own one of these images for yourself, click on the photo and it will take you to the Rock Spirit gallery.

If you enjoy exploring the nature realm and the truly varied types of beings who live there, head on over to our Nature Spirits Community Group, and sign up to share your own images.


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