I was out photographing in a local park and much admiring the large roots and complex arrangements of a magnificent old tree. It stood next to a playground and children were always climbing over, under and around it.

This orb visited me at a local Geneva, IL park; inside it is an image of the Buddha, with a halo, and waves of chakra colors moving out.

It was dusk and the children had all gone home. I started communing with the spirit of the tree and we were having a loving conversation. There were some little nature spirits playing around the roots and everyone was abuzz with happiness as twilight – fairy time – settled in.

These cottonwood tree roots twist on each other, creating many images. Two orbs are at play. Geneva, IL















The Spirits Speak Up

The spirits asked me to take some more pictures of the roots. As I did, one little spirit spoke to me: “I would be much prettier if the little boys would stop peeing on me,” the spirit said. I was a bit surprised by the spirit’s statement.

When I returned home and processed the images, I understood the story better.

Children Playing on Roots

There are several orbs (nature spirits) who manifested in the picture. One (bottom of the root photo) was moving about so fast that he streaked faster than the camera flashed. The one upper left was quieter. When I enlarged the image (left) I understood his plight. He was a beautiful, mature spirit – so mature that his figure manifested, in Buddha-like meditation, inside a rainbow chakra orb. Except the left side was not as distinct because of the “pee” that had affected his energy.

So – even when we aren’t aware of the situation, our actions do affect others, including nature spirits. But they love us still and while the spirit was complaining – he did so with a light sense of humor!

What Are Orbs?

Orbs are life forms of other dimensions. There are many kinds of orbs. My experience is that some contain life forms whose frequency is very different from our human one so we can only see their energy field – what we humans call an aura. It is our first human step in seeing interdimensionally. When we get used to seeing that energy, we begin to see the life form inside the aura – such as a greenman or an elf or gnome. Sometimes the form of the being is visible inside the photographed orb, and this would involve that life form seeking to be understood in our human frequency world and we humans attempting to understand what that life form is.

Sometimes large white orbs with complex internal geometrics have been photographed at spiritual gatherings, where many people are focused on connecting to spirit. In this case enough people are connecting to these meta-terrestrials that their light field form (a merkaba with geometric lines of energy) descends to respond, and is visible. If seen clearly, these meta-terrestrials might be an angel or a spiritual master.

In other cases perhaps the orb is just that – a round ball of consciousness – some people seem to feel this is so, although it is not my experience – there is always some kind of free will consciousness inside everything in existence, we just haven’t identified strongly enough with that frequency to understand it.

Photo Tip

Early morning, until around 10 am and afternoon hours from 4 to dark are good times to photograph the more delicate nature spirits. These are times when the balance between light and dark softens and blurs hard energy fences, permitting easier access to other worlds. Any time on an overcast day is good for photographing nature spirits as there are no hard lights and shadows to obscure delicate details.

A bright midday is difficult when photographing trees and plants. The strong light and shadows disguise the delicate nature spirit lines and sometimes require post-processing to even out the light. However, rocks like the giant cliffs of the Southwest and the the giant stone forms called HooDoos really “pop” in midday sun. During this time period shadows come directly from above and so emphasize the crevices of their form whereas the longer light distorts these shadows and can disguise them.


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