Prayer at the Heart of the Labyrinth

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A shell and a prayer were left at the stone labyrinth on the grounds of The Theosophical Society in Wheaton, Illinois.

Prayer in the Heart of the Labyrinth

Labyrinths are consciously created structures that take a seeker on a journey from the outer world to the inner workings of spirit. They are traditionally walked in a meditative exercise, although small children love to run them! 

Installing a labyrinth on your land is a beneficial way to interact with nature. Labyrinths help to cohere, redirect where necessary, and positively organize energy in a land area. Some people work with labyrinths as a way to connect to universal energy and ground it for use on earth.

There are many varieties of labyrinths. Currently, the two most popular designs are the classical labyrinth, whose diagram looks much like the human brain and in the 7-path form is often used to move through the chakras.

Below left is a Classical Labyrinth, located at The Theosophical Society in Wheaton, Illinois

Theosophical Society Labyrinth

There is also the Chartres Labyrinth, which is a more geometrically symmetrical pattern used for reflective contemplation.

Below right is the Chartres-style labyrinth, located inside the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

Grace Cathedral Labyrinth

Labyrinths can be very formal inside a church, informal in your backyard, and drawn on canvas to take to social gatherings.

Installing a labyrinth on your land is relatively easy, and if you have only a small piece of land you can reduce the number of circuits to three.

Labyrinths embody conscious land energies. When I moved into my current home, which occupies a corner lot, the nature spirits requested I install a labyrinth. When I went to start, I had a preconceived idea for where to place the mouth, or opening, but the nature spirits wouldn’t permit it, insisting I move it to another less classic position. They also insisted on uneven paths, and a three circuit, surrounding an old locust tree. It turns out the labyrinth helps to slow down the energy as it approaches along the street, and it also draws water from the ground for the use of the tree.

Labyrinths are often the location, in the center, of significant energy and frequently are either placed over, or attract to themselves, a water dome from beneath the earth. When you see a country labyrinth, you will often see cows lying down in the center – a sure sign of good energy! And in photos – you’ll often find a plethora of orbs!

Dragon Running a Labyrinth

If you would like to know more about labyrinths, I highly recommend you check out The Labyrinth Society’s website where they have, among other things, a worldwide labyrinth locator – you can check if there are any public labyrinths near you that you can walk. They also have an interactive guide on how to build your own labyrinth.


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