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Pink Lily Dreams

The lotus and the water lily are symbols of beauty, resilience and perfection. These plants are highly honored in both Eastern and Western cultures. The water lily, while of a different botanical family, is culturally considered a lotus, when used for spiritual work.

Emerging from the Mud

The lotus and the water lily are revered as spiritual symbols for the perfection of human life. They begin life in in the mud and must push up through murky waters to final attain the light. When the blossoms open, they are pure in color with no mud present. Both the lotus and the lily flower bloom for only 2 to 3 days and then are gone – again a symbol for human beauty and life.

The Pink Lily

The pink lily and lotus represent compassion, love, devotion and spirituality. In the Far East and in Ancient Egypt, the lotus has always been a symbol for eternal life and the emergence of higher humanity from the mud in which we were formed.

Three Versions

Shown here are three versions of the pink lily by nature spirit photographer Atala Toy. These images are available as cards and prints; click on the image to be transferred to its gallery page.

Pink Lotus in Pond

Pink Lotus



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