Condor, Puma and Snake | Rock Symbols in the Chiricahua Mountains

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These rock beings live in the Chiricahua Mountains of Southern Arizona. They are in a peaceful area known as a sky island – an isolated prominence in the middle of a flat desert. Cochise Head can be seen in the distance, dominating the landscape.

Cochise Head

This area is the cultural home of the Chiricahua Apache. It is also home to thousands of stone beings called HooDoos. The term is a play on the New Orleans term Voodoo and originated with pioneers traveling west. The large stone formations seemed alive to them, and it was believed by many pioneers, and Native American groups, that the stones come alive at night.

Chochise Head and Range

Their Lives Began Millions of Years Ago

This is a world of stone beings who have evolved over some 27 million years, so time means something different to them than to us humans. These life forms have evolved in cooperation with the wind, rain, and ice – and yet some of their rock personalities are remarkably contemporary. They are permanent markers to the success of life to remain the same and yet to keep changing – a method of adaptation to the environment, and to circumstances, that we humans (especially in these times) could learn much from.

Masai Point HooDoos

Condor, Puma and Snake

One of the most prominent formations is a trio central and sacred to many nations throughout the Americas – the Condor, the Puma and the Snake. (Bird, Cat, Snake). The Condor represents heaven, the Puma represents earth and the Snake represents the underworld. Here are two images, showing the trio in totality.

Condor and Puma

The name “Chiricahua” is an Opata word meaning wild turkey, for the wild turkeys once found here in abundance. The rock formations originated as ash blown out during the Turkey Creek Volcano eruptions 27 million years ago. The ash cooled and hardened into rhyolite tuff – almost two thousand feet in some places – and it eventually eroded into the natural forms seen today. They are thus similar in structure to the rhyolite HooDoos of Mt. Lemmon.

Condor and Snake

Communicating with HooDoos

I very much enjoy communicating with these rock people.

How does such communication take place? I can describe what it means for me. It means shifting my internal focus by “consciousness dowsing” until I find that band of energy in which the other life form exists. Then I settle into my heart chakra and make contact with the life form. Once I get their attention, I then identify with their consciousness – a “mind meld” of sorts that is done from the safety of the heart – and the two of us can then listen to and respond to each other.

This is, to me, a more perfect way of communicating with another life form – it does away with the confusion of words, which sometimes get in the way of understanding the true communication the other life form wishes to express. Words are so linear, they sometimes tumble over each other, while interdimensional communication done through the heart is “full field” – the entire concept is presented in its totality as a complete merkabah of information.

Rocks generally have a peaceful and wise energy, having lived for so long (27 million years in the case of the Chiricahua range). I move into their energy field and it feels secure and at peace. They have their own sense of humor, drama and wisdom and we have a good time “conversing.”

The Whisper

Lady of the Rocks


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