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Earth stands at the cusp of a new age of peace and enlightenment, predicted in dozens of traditions around the world. The chaos we are experiencing now is the rearrangement of our cultural awareness as we shift into this new and higher understanding.

Abusing others is not restricted to humans for each other. We humans are a largely unaware life form who also abuses animals, plants, nature, and all the many other realms of beings who co-exist with us on earth.

Eventually our earth will mature to the level of awareness in which we respect, cherish, and work with the energies of each other – no matter what race, religion, color or belief system – no matter what life form – no matter what dimension. We will be able and willing to protect ourselves and others so that freedom exists for all.

Greenman of Geneva Mystical

It is time we advocate not only for respect of one human for another. We need to respect all existence, however it manifests.

I want to speak out for recognition and appreciation and respect for nature. Respect when you pull weeds to keep a garden organized. Respect when you need to cut down a tree to make way for something else. Respect when you tend to the nature in your garden or your town or your country.

There are many life forms existing and working in and with nature.

Mother Nature Birthing a Bird

Respect These Nature Leaders

Here are three types of nature spirits who are specifically interested in working in partnership with humans. They are responsible, ancient, complex leaders in their dimension and they should be respected by us all. 

Learn to connect to these protectors and advocates. You can begin by focusing on these photos. Get used to their frequency then go out into your area and find local representatives of these realms for yourself.

Green People

Gnome of Leroy Oakes

The green people are the philosophers, activists, teachers and warriors of the nature realms. They actively wish to cooperate with people of good faith. They can teach you a lot. They very often depict themselves in trees with just their head surrounded by their biological facial armor, which resembles leaves (hence the classic Celtic Greenman drawings of a human looking face with leaves of various trees surrounding it).

Ladies of the Forest.

The ladies oversee the comings and goings, births and deaths, and daily tasks of their area of nature. Like all good mothers, they protect, teach and empower. They are very happy to work with receptive humans. Their signature depiction is to be shown full length of a figure with either a crown, a long veil or flowing hair. They often are holding or contain something indicating fertility.


The gnomes are the strong workers of the nature realms. They are stolid, reliable, dependable, task-oriented, solution-oriented, problem solving beings. Having a gnome as a cohort or a resident on your property is a very good omen. The gnomes are very grounded and their marker images often appear in the root area of a tree, often with a beard, long hair and their signature pointed hat. They also appear in other areas of the tree, either the face and distinctive hat or full figure.



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